Free Condoms on Prom Night?

It was reported recently that a small public high school in Brooklyn, NY, would be making free condoms available at its upcoming prom. Condoms are already available for students of this school through its sex education program, according to the New York Times.

Darryl Rascoe, the school’s principal, told MSNBC, “As they leave the prom, they are welcome to it. We are not forcing it on anybody, but we want them to have that option.”

Since this news first hit the papers, plans to distribute the condoms have been scrapped. “I don’t want to do anything against DOE policy,” Rascoe said in an ABC interview.

In the MSNBC article, it was noted that “the prom condom distribution plan [would have been] accompanied by a safe sex school assembly sponsored by the condom maker a few days before the prom.” An essay contest on safe sex was also to be held and judged by the school’s English department. Parents had been notified about the plan, and the principal noted that he didn’t know of any opposition. That was until the story picked up steam and opponents and supporters alike voiced their opinions on the matter.

What do you think about offering free condoms on prom night? Good idea or bad? Take the poll and add your comments below!

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  1. Since the students already have access to condoms during a normal school day (which is awesome), I don’t see the controversy about offering them on prom night.
    Lots of parents worry about their kids having sex on prom night but at least if some of the students had sex on prom night, it would be protected sex.


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