President’s FY 2014 Budget Request Unveiled

Bob Reeg

Bob Reeg

President Obama has submitted to Congress his budget request for fiscal year 2014. The annual President’s Budget represents the Administration’s stance on the overall size, scope, and long-term trajectory of the federal government budget as well as the executive branch’s desired spending levels for all federal programs for the upcoming federal fiscal year (which commences each year on October 1).  Finally, the release of the President’s Budget kicks off Congress’s deliberations on annual appropriations for federal programs.  Such deliberations will begin in haste, now that the President’s Budget is available for Congressional review.

Healthy Teen Network supports a robust federal government funded at full capacity to ensure full health and high-quality of life of all Americans. We pay particular attention to and advocate in support of a range of sexual and reproductive health services programs.  For FY 2014, the President’s Budget recommends appropriations for these sexual and reproductive health services programs at the following levels:

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI): $104.6 million, a restoration of $5.4 million lost to TPPI due to the sequestration of FY 2013 appropriations.
  • Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP): $82 million in FY 2014, the sum of the mandated annual appropriation of $75 million to PREP plus the re-obligation of $5 million in unspent PREP funds. The President’s Budget would restore $3.8 million lost to PREP due to the sequestration of FY 2013 appropriations.
  • CDC Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH): $32.4 million, roughly level to the FY 2012 appropriation.
  • Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF): $25 million, the mandated annual appropriation level for this program.
  • Maternal and Child Health Block Grant: $369 million, level funding with FY 2012 and a certain increase over the FY 2013 appropriation due to sequestration.
  • Home Visiting: $400 million, a scheduled increase of $50 million above the FY 2013 mandated annual appropriation to the Maternal, Infant, and Early Child Home Visiting Program.
  • Title X Family Planning Services: $327 million, an increase of $34 million above the FY 2012 enacted level.

The President’s Budget proposes to eliminate the Competitive Abstinence Education Grant Program (currently funded at $5 million) and to permit the transfer of $13 million in mandated state abstinence education dollars unclaimed by states declining to accept such funds toward a teen pregnancy prevention competitive grant program focused on youth in foster care.

For additional information on the President’s Budget request for FY 2014 and background information on each of the federal programs above, view these in-depth budget resources:

Bob Reeg is the Senior Policy Analyst at Healthy Teen Network.

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