Road Map for the Future of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Pat Paluzzi, DrPH

Pat Paluzzi, DrPH

It has taken over a year much thinking, talking, and revising, but Healthy Teen Network is extremely excited to present our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, Road Map for the Future of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health to the field.

This three-year plan is a result of conversations with adolescent, reproductive health, and social justice professionals, state leaders, researchers, funders, and high level officials—in other words, some of the field’s best thinkers. It is comprehensive, forward-thinking, and based in reality. It challenges our thinking and approaches and uses data to make the case for adding to what we know about evidence-based interventions with new research-based, science-based, innovative approaches, so all youth are included in our messages. The social-ecological health promotion frame changes our way of thinking about what we do and what young people need to thrive, such as addressing issues of housing, food, education, employment and more, as these social determinants impact the health and well-being of young people. And finally, this plan recognizes that those of us who make it our business (and life’s work) to address these issues, need to think about how we can create sustainable efforts, even when those in power are not supportive of our approaches.

Please view the Prezi below, read our plan, ask questions, challenge our thinking, and above all else, put our plan to use if it resonates with you. As one of our interviewees said, we cannot continue to do the ‘same old’ and expect better results; we have to be creative and innovative.

Pat Paluzzi, DrPH, is the President/CEO of Healthy Teen Network.

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