Meet the Trainers

After a recent training conducted by Healthy Teen Network, we received an incredibly nice thank you email that, among other welcome words of praise, included the following: “Something much larger than learning correct facilitation techniques happened with the group that I am sure you are aware of—a real training team was created with a group of people that really did not know one another when our week began… It was a magical week, and it was the tone and tempo that you created that made everyone feel comfortable and engaged.”

Receiving positive feedback after providing trainings and technical assistance never gets old—nor should it. In fact, we strive to always provide the best in skills and capacity building workshops, online trainings, and TA.

At the risk of sounding too braggy, our trainers rock. We recently wrangled four of them to answer some questions about training and technical assistance. Check out what they have to say below, then check back in a couple weeks to hear more from them!

What is the most fulfilling part of conducting training?

What do you see as something new and exciting going on now or happening in the near future for the training field?

Healthy Teen Network can provide a full range of services, including workshops, trainings, and TA, on a wide variety of topics related to adolescent health. We have a diverse range of areas of expertise, with years of experience providing capacity-building training and technical assistance. Learn more here.

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