Top 5 Healthy Teen Network Resources of 2013

In 2013, Healthy Teen Network continued our work providing capacity-building products and publications for adolescent sexual and reproductive health professionals. Did you miss any of these new resources we released in 2013–or just want to take another look as we enter the new year? Here you go:

Youth 360: How & Where Healthy Teens Live, Learn, & Play: The Social-Ecological Health Promotion Model & Social Determinants of Health
This two-page resource provides a brief overview of the interrelated spheres of health in the social-ecological health promotion model and the social determinants of health that influence individual behavior and health outcomes. Healthy Teen Network promotes a comprehensive Youth 360° frame, using the social-ecological health promotion model, to better understand the social determinants of health and the various spheres of influence on individual behavior and health outcomes.

“Keep It Simple: A Lesson in Linking Teens to Sexual Health Care” Lesson Plan
The “Keep It Simple: Linking Teens to Sexual Healthcare” lesson is a brief 45 minute lesson plan, including a motion graphic, designed to help link young men and women, ages 15-19, to trusted, “teen friendly” contraceptive and reproductive healthcare providers. The module addresses reasons why adolescents don’t typically access services that include: gaps in knowledge about their right to care, services and contraceptive methods available to them, and the location of healthcare providers that can meet their unique needs in the community.

Sexual Health E-Learning Assessment on Professional Development Opportunities for Educators
Healthy Teen Network works diligently to bridge gaps in knowledge and skills in order to support the implementation of evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs, as well as providing high-quality technical assistance to implementation partners. This document includes the results of our review of e-learning professional development programs.

Road Map for the Future of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health: 2013-2016 Strategic Plan
Healthy Teen Network’s 2013-2016 Strategic plan focuses on addressing three overarching areas:

  • Promote an Inclusive Frame
  • Increase Our Impact
  • Build Sustainability

The plan is presented as a printable document and an online interactive presentation.

2012 Annual Report
View our Annual Report as an interactive online presentation and as a print-friendly Executive Summary.


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