Helping Teens Stay Healthy and Safe: The Importance of Confidential Contraceptive Services for Teens

Gina Desiderio

Gina Desiderio

Confidential contraceptive services are an important component of both comprehensive health care for adolescents and teen pregnancy prevention efforts. This has been documented in the findings of research  studies, confirmed by the experience of  health care professionals, and reflected in the policies of health care professional organizations. Numerous laws at the state and federal levels help to ensure adolescents’ access to contraceptive services and provide  confidentiality protections that facilitate  access.

The Helping Teens Stay Healthy and Safe brochure series, developed by Healthy Teen Network and the Center for Adolescent Health & the Law (CAHL), offers guidance to health care providers, teens, and parents of teens about ways they can deliver, receive, and support adolescents’ access to confidential contraceptive services.

  • For Providers: Discusses rationales for providing confidential contraceptive services to teens, support that exists in the policies of health care professional organizations, and ways that state and federal laws can be useful. (Brochure and full report available.)
  • For Teens: Teaches teens about confidential services and lets teens know how and what they can access on their own.
  • For Parents: Helps parents understand why supporting teens’ access to confidential services is consistent with good parenting.

Gina Desiderio is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Healthy Teen Network.




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