Applauding AAP’s Policy Statement on Condom Use by Adolescents

Pat Paluzzi, DrPH

Pat Paluzzi, CNM, DrPH

Healthy Teen Network applauds the American Academy of Pediatric’ s recently released policy statement on Condom Use Among Adolescents. The policy statement offers a thorough background and description of condom use in the United States and provides relevant recommendations for the field.

Healthy Teen Network is particularly pleased to see the ecological approach to promoting condom use endorsed within this statement. The recognition of parents, schools, and peer networks supports our belief in the social ecological health promotion frame as the best approach to create sustained healthy behaviors among young people.

Within this statement, AAP once again dispels the myth that making condoms available increases sexual behavior, and the AAP provides even more compelling support for sexuality education. Condoms are an important part of healthy sexual activity among all age groups, and given the rates of unintended pregnancies and STIs among young people, they are a critical component of promoting healthy choices among this age group.

Pat Paluzzi, CNM, DrPH, is President/CEO of Healthy Teen Network.

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